June 12, 2012

"Family Structure"

Oil on linen, 24 x 18 inches

This is the second and final painting that I completed for the community project, "BEHIND THE SEEN: Encounters with the Contemporary Family." The young boy is named, Collin, and his challenging behavior often takes center stage in his family. So, I've attempted to depict that dynamic through poses and composition.

There are a few things about this painting that are similar to, "Loving Sara," which is the other painting that I created for this project. First of all, because of this painting's design and subject matter, I used photo reference to complete it. Also, just like in the other painting, I've tried to convey Collin's animated and energetic personality through the way I applied paint to the canvas. Another similarity is that I've painted Collin twice to represent the two aspects of his behavior.

Both paintings are pictured below in the exhibition's current location at Holly Hill Mall in Burlington, NC. The exhibition features the work of 16 artists and will travel across North Carolina through May, 2013. For more information about the project and about other venues for the exhibition, visit www.BehindTheSeenArt.com.

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