November 10, 2010

"Candid Pear"

Oil on linen on panel, 6 x 6 inches
Available at Circa Gallery

I consider this painting to be a celebration of each stroke of the brush to canvas. Instead of smoothing out the background like I usually do, I've allowed the brushstrokes to remain visible. The pear is also painted with more abandon than I normally accept. This is a candid painting which allows itself to be a painting and not just the realistic interpretation of a pear. I like the result and will probably explore this approach in future paintings, as well. How do you feel about it? Your comments are welcomed!


  1. Nice. I would love to see a collection of these. Would make a great grouping on a wall. Like, for example, three complimentary pieces - green pear, orange peach, red apple. Or maybe 3 different pears. Maybe too cliche, but I'm thinking of it from a "hanging on the wall" perspective. Vertical or horizontal hanging of three or four in a square.

  2. Thanks for the positive input, Katie! I like the idea of doing complimentary pieces for a wall. The 6x6 size really lends itself to something like that. Maybe even something to do with the four seasons? You've given me something to think about... thanks, again!! -Don