January 29, 2012

"Keck Barn with Alpaca Grazing" SOLD

Oil on linen on panel, 6 x 8 inches

I first visited the Keck's farm this past summer. They graciously offered to let me paint there, but I wasn't able to while the weather was still warm. Well, this weekend it was in the mid-50's. That's about 15 degrees warmer than it should be in NC this time of year. So, I figured I'd better drive out to the farm and do some painting!

As soon as I got settled I was visited by a few of the animals that were having their afternoon lunch. Using a wide-angle lens, I snapped the picture that's posted below, of the pony and one of the alpacas.

It's funny that when I started using gum turpentine, the pony snorted his disapproval a couple of times. So, I went back to odorless mineral spirits and he must have approved, because I didn't hear a sound from him again.

Below is a pic of my set up. It was taken near the end of my painting session and you can see how much the shadows had changed from when I took the top pic, just three hours earlier.

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