March 9, 2011


Oil on panel, 12 x 16 inches
Collection of the artist

I spent the month of February feeling under the weather (I'm all better now) and exploring new approaches to painting. This portrait of my mother is one of the paintings that resulted from that exploration. I finished it using a direct, alla prima technique. So, instead of laboring on this size painting for my usual 20 hours or more, this portrait was rendered in one sitting, from life, in about five and a half hours.


  1. Hi Don, I love all your posts and videos!.. their really helpful and I wanted to say thanks..
    Live portraits are so rare nowadays, (I'd be lucky to get someone to sit still for even 1/2 an hour :D..) Knew this one must be your Mum before I read your post, you both look so alike... :) Thanks again..

  2. Thank YOU, essayer for your encouraging comment! I must say that I'd rather be the paint-er than the paint-ee. Modeling for a life drawing or painting isn't an easy thing to do. :)