January 10, 2011

"Tangerines and Blue" SOLD

Oil on linen on panel, 6 x 6 inches

I came back from a visit with my mother loaded up with a hefty supply of tangerines. She's good at finding things on sale and apparently wanted to make sure her youngest son got his daily dose of vitamin C (thanks, Mom). I painted a few of them instead, trying to combine a painterly quality with my usual realism. I think it turned out well, especially with the use of complimentary colors. I did eat these after painting them, btw, so I won't be coming down with scurvy anytime soon.


  1. Lovely use of complementary colors Don. I love both your realistic work as well as your painterly approach. Masterly done.

  2. Thanks, Rose!! I really admire the work of impressionists and I"m trying to figure out a way to get their sense of movement and energy, without loosing the realism that I also I enjoy. I appreciate your input!

  3. One of my students, Sally, made a comment that I like, so with her permission I'm posting it here:

    I love the combination of styles here. This really works! I've always found realism too STILL and staid, but found that when I try impressionism, it just looks sloppy, and then I keep trying to overpaint to correct. What you've done here is to be precise in some sections, namely the edge of the cup and handle, yet leave the blurry lines elsewhere, namely the edges of the tangerines and in the shadows. This draws the eye to the center, along with your use of complimentary colors. I can't wait to try this technique. Good tangerines, this year!